About Me

Who am I?

My name is Pauline and I have been creating hand decorated glassware for a few years as a hobby. When friends and family began asking me if they could purchase some items from me, I decided to set up this website.


A few words about


I love trying out new ideas and have gradually added more products to my range of hand decorated items. Music is a passion and I try to incorporate this into some of my creations.


At acreativetouch you will find a range of hand decorated items available in a wide spectrum of colours. My glittered glassware is dishwasher friendly and all glasses come with a care label. Please visit our FAQ section for more information.


About my website

At acreativetouch we are always interested in what our customers think about what we do … and what they would love us to do too! If you have any opinions about the site or any of the products please email us with your comments.

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